Internal combustion has taken Porsche a long way since 1948, when the original 356 Roadster was completed in Gmünd, Austria. However, even after 73 years of progress, gas-powered vehicles are still largely inefficient and responsible for a large portion of total greenhouse gas emissions. And while performance has increased exponentially, we may be approaching the practical limits of road-going automobiles.

Sustainability is a principal focus of Porsche AG, and as a legendary sports car manufacturer, the company naturally is not content to plateau. That's why it developed and continues to advanced Porsche E-Performance all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars and SUVs that deliver the same exhilarating driving experience with a smaller environmental impact.

Porsche Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

  • Porsche E-Hybrid: Combining a high-performance gas engine with a response electric motor, Porsche E-Hybrid models deliver thrilling performance with improved efficiency and lower emissions. Available models include the Panamera E-Hybrid 5-door liftback and saloon and the Cayenne E-Hybrid SUV and coupé SUV

  • Porsche Taycan All-Electric: Unlike normal EVs with single-speed transmissions, the Porsche Taycan boasts the first-of-its-kind two-speed transmission, making it quicker off the line and delivering a satisfying shift during acceleration. The Taycan offers a battery range of 199-227 miles and can accelerate to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds in its most potent variant.

Test-Drive a New Porsche E-Hybrid or All-Electric Vehicle near Foxboro, Dover, and Stoughton

If you would like more information about the latest Porsche electrified models, available financing opportunities, or the EV/hybrid ownership, please reach out to the team Porsche Westwood at your convenience. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. And if you're ready to get behind the wheel to experience Porsche E-Performance for yourself, we invite you to come see us for a test drive. We'll be happy to show you around.

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