How Long Do Tires Last

Tires make the first impact on roads near Westwood, Dedham, and Needham, Massachusetts. You rely on them daily and may forget they need TLC, too. The question “How long do tires last” may hit you one day, and it’s preferable to know beforehand so that you can schedule tire service at Porsche Westwood.

How Long Do Tires Last?

If you treat your tires right, your tires can last for five years. Unless you’re always driving over potholes or pushing your vehicle to the limits on rocky roads and rural routes, your tires will stay in shape until this time.

Keeping up with regular maintenance can help them stay in good condition. Invest in a tire gauge, and you can check the tire inflation to ensure it’s at the right level. If you prefer, a professional tire technician at our dealership can check. It’s usually ideal to check the pressure once a month.

Every six months, schedule a tire rotation. This can be paired with an oil change or another routine task. Switching the front tires with the rear tires ensures that your tires wear out at the same time and avoid producing a wobbly, uneven ride.

At various routine appointments, a skilled service technician can check out the tires and measure the treads. Their expert eyes can tell if your tires may be going south, and a professional opinion will let you know if new tires are the next investment on the table.

Signs That Your Car Needs New Tires or a Repair

When you know your car needs new tires or a repair, you’ll be more than prepared to make a service appointment. This also allows you to research which tires to buy for your car and save money for this future purchase.

Check your dashboard. Did the tire pressure warning light appear when you turned on the car? If so, this is a reminder that you need to check the tire pressure and may even need to refill your tire with air on your own or through a service appointment. If one or more tires consistently seem to need air, it may be that the tire harbors a leak, which we can patch.

Look at your tires. Are they cracked, or do they look bald? The treads may look smooth and not rugged and craggy. In this case, a professional opinion could serve you well, and let you know when you need to replace them.

You can even check the treads yourself. Healthy treads grab the road and give you proper traction. To measure the tread depth, use a quarter. Insert the quarter into the tread to determine the depth. If George Washington’s head disappears, your treads can manage the road. If you still see his face, the treads may be too shallow to properly grip the road.

Schedule a Tire Repair at Porsche Westwood

Tires make the first impression when driving near Westwood, Dedham, and Needham, MA. Make sure they’re up to the challenge by knowing how long your car tires will last and when you should schedule a tire repair or replacement at Porsche Westwood. To book an appointment, call or contact us online today.

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