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When you’re looking for excellent service, like an oil change near Dedham, MA, look towards the expert team at Porsche Westwood! We’ve got the most cutting-edge diagnostic technology and tools that we use to professionally service your vehicle, which includes our oil change services. We’ve written this overview about the importance of getting an oil change and some signs to look for.

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Why Should I Get an Oil Change?

There are many different reasons to get an oil change, but the straightforward answer is that it is a key element of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. By remaining on top of your oil’s health, you take an important role in preventing future issues from developing. We encourage taking a proactive approach rather than a laxer one, as you’ll intercept issues faster. In the following section, we’ll discuss some signs that will appear due to taking a lax approach to oil health.

We take the approach that having access to your owner’s manual is an essential aspect of keeping your oil healthy and your vehicle running smoothly. Inside the schedule, you’ll find the milestones that require an oil change. We also understand that not everyone has access to an owner’s manual and that’s alright! You can physically inspect your oil once a month, making sure that it is a translucent amber color with no particles floating in it.

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What are Some Signs That I Need an Oil Change?

While there are many signs to tell you when your oil turns sour, perhaps the easiest is noticing when the check oil light becomes illuminated. When this light turns on, it generally means there might not be enough oil in the system for it to be working properly and that you need a refill. Alternatively, it could signal that your oil needs to be changed.

Engine noise is our next sign. This takes some paying attention to, as naturally, your vehicle is going to make loud noises as a natural part of functioning. However, keep in mind that one of the oil’s jobs is to make sure the metal parts within the engine don’t scrape together. So, when you begin to notice that your engine is obnoxiously louder, it can signify that your oil has begun to fail.

Our final example deals with odors. Of course, during the course of your driving, you’ll encounter the by-products of combustion or a multitude of processes occurring. It becomes troubling when you notice distinctly “oily” smells that are shortly followed by plumes of smoke that are often white from beneath the hood. When this occurs, we recommend getting it into our service station pronto.

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