Tire Maintenance at Porsche Westwood

The service center at Porsche Westwood is here to help you with tire maintenance. If you keep up with regular tire maintenance, it will improve safety and handling. If you have any further questions about tire maintenance or need to purchase a new set of tires in Westwood, be sure to view our frequently asked questions down below.

The Benefits of Routine Tire Maintenance

There are many benefits of routine service technicians, and our technicians can balance, rotate, and perform alignments whenever needed. If your Porsche Macan has regularly rotated tires, you will experience a balanced ride with less vehicle vibration. Did you know regular tire maintenance can also enhance the life of your tires?

Pickup, Delivery, & Contact Free Tire Options

Did you know Porsche Westwood offers complimentary vehicle pickup, delivery, and contact-free services for drivers? Just give our onsite service center a call and we will arrange a day to pick up your Porsche vehicle for auto service. Once tire maintenance is finished, we will return your vehicle for you free of charge.

Your Tire Questions Answered!      

What Type of Tires Does My Car Need?

Your driving goals will help determine which tires are right for your Porsche vehicle. If you aren't sure which tires will fit your lifestyle, our service specialists can provide you with some options. Our tire inventory includes brands like Bridgestone, Hankook, Goodyear, and Pirelli.

How Long Does Tire Replacement Take?

It usually takes our service technicians around 45 minutes to 60 minutes to perform a tire replacement. If your vehicle is receiving other services, then your wait time may vary. As you wait on your vehicle, please feel free to have a seat in our comfortable lounge that includes many amenities.

When Does My Car Need New Tires?

Your Porsche vehicle may need new tires at least once every six years after the production date. Although, some of our Wellesley clients choose to get new tires every three to four years.

How Much Do New Tires Cost?

Tire prices will vary depending on the size and brand you decide to go with. If you would like to find the cost for your specific Porsche vehicle, please give our service center a call. One of our team members will gladly go over pricing details.

What Is Included In a Tire Rotation?

Aside from the tire rotation, the service professionals at Porsche Westwood can also perform an alignment. They will also balance your tires and ensure the wheel and the tires' weight is dispersed evenly.

How Often Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

We recommend scheduling a tire rotation for your Porsche at least once every six months or every 7,500 miles. You can view your vehicle owner's manual for more information regarding tire care.

Do You Offer Specials On Tires?

Yes, we do offer specials on tires for our clients near Stoughton and the surrounding areas. Be sure to bookmark our special pages to view our updated discounts and coupons.

Are You Looking for Quality Tire Maintenance Needs?

You will find tire maintenance at the Porsche Westwood service department. Our service department is located at 411 Providence Hwy Route 1 Automile in Westwood, MA, which is not a far drive for drivers around Needham, Wellesley, Foxborough, Dover, & Stoughton, MA.

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