Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

If your vehicle does not have enough engine oil to get you around Westwood and Dedham, you may not even realize it. Instead of staying in the dark, why not learn the symptoms of low engine oil from Porsche Westwood? Then you can resolve it and bring back the fun of driving around Needham and Norwood, Massachusetts.

Symptom #1 Oil Pressure Warning Light

One day, you may be driving along and suddenly see the oil pressure warning light beam from your dashboard. If you know how to check the dipstick, you may notice a lack of oil. In a pinch, you could add motor oil until you schedule an appointment for an oil change or checkup.

Symptom #2 Burning Smell

Smelling burning oil can be disconcerting. If you do smell it, pull over. You may be harboring an oil leak.

After you’ve pulled over and let the car cool off, check the oil and see if you’re low. If you carry a bottle in the trunk, you can top it off. Otherwise, call for roadside assistance because low oil could damage your engine even more.

Symptom #3 Knocking Noises

Hearing knocking noises under the hood can signify low oil. That’s because the engine and associated parts may be rubbing together and making those noises. Without the right amount of oil, the parts are not lubricated and able to smoothly move together to produce a satisfying ride. This eventually can lead to issues with the powertrain if it is not addressed.

Symptom #4 Overheating Engine

The engine oil cools off the engine in concert with the coolant. A lack of oil could lead to an overheated engine and create heat from the other engine parts.

Symptom #5 Sluggish Performance

Since your car lacks the amount of oil it needs, you may detect a deficiency in its performance. The engine and its parts cannot move smoothly without it, so your car may act sluggishly and not drive as it usually does.

Symptom #6 Inefficient Fuel Economy

You may find that you need to refuel way more often when you’re low on oil. That’s because your car needs to work harder to perform at the level that you’re used to. You’ll burn more fuel and need to visit the gas station more often.

Symptom #7 Car Stalls

To prevent your car from incurring more damage, some vehicles possess features that stop your car from operating when the oil is low. This may cause your vehicle to stall and then stop working.

What Could the Low Engine Oil Indicate?

Knowing the symptoms of low engine oil only conquers half the battle. Uncovering why your car does not contain enough oil could reveal some other issues that may need attention.

You may be losing oil due to an oil leak. This could occur if an oil filter wasn’t installed properly, or the system harbors worn seals or a cracked oil pan. More serious leaks may result in a puddle under your car.

Rapidly burning oil with the accompaniment of blue smoke could be a serious issue. Take your vehicle in for an examination and to resolve the issue.

Schedule an Oil Change at Porsche Westwood

Are you lacking enough oil in your car to get you around Westwood and Dedham? You may not even know, so it’s important to understand the symptoms of low engine oil. That way, you can schedule an inspection at Porsche Westwood near Needham or Norwood, MA, and get it resolved. Schedule yours today.

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