Why Do You Need Your Tires Balanced

All kinds of tire services can make drives through Westwood, Dedham, and Needham, Massachusetts more seamless and safer. While you know why you need air in your tires, why do you need your tires balanced? Let Porsche Westwood inform you about tire balancing and how it can improve your ride.

What is Tire Balancing

Tire balancing involves ensuring that the weight of your tires is evenly distributed between the tire and wheel. A skilled tire technician will use small weights to perform this service. With optimum weight distribution, your tires will provide you with a smooth and steady ride. Keep in mind that the balancing and alignment of your tires differ in their purposes.

Why Do You Need Your Tires Balanced

Even though you know now what tire balancing is, you still may wonder why you need them balanced.

Smooth Ride

With balanced tires, you’ll experience a smoother ride wherever you go. That will make you feel confident and relaxed when you’re driving.

Better Gas Mileage

If your tires are not balanced, they may be of various weights, which can give you a wobbly or rougher ride. Uneven tires and tires that wear down at different rates will make your car work harder to perform. Your car may be using more gas to get the power it needs to operate, leading to less fuel efficiency.

Longer Lasting Tires

Your tires will last longer if you keep up with tire balancing. Tires that wear out at the same rate will be in better shape than those that do not receive these types of services. If your tires are different sizes, they will be at risk of treads wearing out sooner and excess vibrations that impact your tires.

Protects the Suspension

Vibrations from unbalanced tires may cause your suspension to falter. Without a functioning suspension, you’ll feel every bump in the road. If you don’t schedule a tire balancing, eventually, the vibrations will become more frequent and vigorous.

Safer Ride

Tires in the ideal condition and of the right weight will hold steady on the road. You and your passengers can enjoy a safer ride with tires that receive regular rotations and balancing.

Do Your Tires Need Balancing

Now you may be wondering if your tires need to be balanced. A few telltale signs can indicate that your tires could use this valuable service.

Steering Wheel Vibrates

Your steering wheel may vibrate due to your tires being unbalanced. It may also signal other issues, so make sure to book an appointment after you’ve experienced this.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side

Two different issues may be occurring in your car if your vehicle pulls to one side. Your tires may need an alignment or balancing. It’s best to bring your car into our service center so they can give you their professional opinion.

Uneven or Worn-Out Tires

If your tires wear out sooner than normal, they may need to be balanced. A wobbly ride also points toward the need for balancing.

Diminishing Gas Mileage

Are you refueling your car more often than before? Your gas mileage may decrease in efficiency without proper balancing.

Schedule Tire Balancing at Porsche Westwood

Regular tire service, like tire balancing, makes a difference when you drive around Westwood, Dedham, and Needham, MA. We hope this has helped you understand why you need your tires balanced. To schedule an appointment or learn more, contact Porsche Westwood.

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